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Tracking updates to other libraries for Clojure 1.6 hash changes

Clojure 1.6.0-beta1 is out as of this writing, and the hash method has been decided upon.  Now comes updating Clojure contrib libraries and 3rd party Clojure libraries that implement their own customized collections so that their hash function values for custom sets and maps (at least those intended to be clojure.core/= to built-in Clojure sets and maps) have consistent hash values when using Clojure 1.6.

The table below gives some places that could use updating, and status of changes.

Project/LibraryWhat needs updating?Status
Tests in Clojure itself

Some tests were disabled when the hash changes were first made, with this commit.

Most of them were updated to be independent of Clojure's hash function with this commit, but the following line at or near line 311 in file test/clojure/test_clojure/java_interop.clj is still commented out:

;;(test-to-passed-array-for hash-set)

core.cacheSome tests failed due to hash-dependent sequence ordersPatch for ticket CCACHE-33 committed
core.matchSome tests failed due to hash-dependent sequence ordersTicket MATCH-94 created with patch.
tools.namespaceSome tests failed due to hash-dependent sequence ordersTicket TNS-16 created, fix comitted.
tools.nreplSome tests failed due to hash-dependent sequence ordersFixed with this commit.