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  • The "master" branch in GitHub must have a pom.xml file with a -SNAPSHOT version, not a bare version number
  • Log in to Hudson
  • Navigate to your project's home page (example)
  • Click "Perform Maven Release" link on the left
  • On the "Perform Maven Release" page:
    • Select "Specify one version for all modules"
    • In the "Release Version" field, enter the version number for this release of your project
      • This will normally be the current development version with the "-SNAPSHOT" suffix removed
    • In the "Development version" field, enter the version number for the subsequent development version of your project
      • This will end with "-SNAPSHOT"
    • Click "Schedule Maven Release Build"
  • After the build completes successfully:
    • `git pull` on your development machine to get the new release tags
    • The release JAR file will be uploaded to the Sonatype OSS staging repository
    • The release will automatically be copied to the Maven Central repository within 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours)
    • Don't forget to update the project README if it recommends a version to users.

Contrib Release Numbering Policy