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  • Maintain Clojure quality
  • Fix problems that are important to users
  • Engage the community in working toward the best possible Clojure Clojure


There are several groups involved in this process with increasing levels of responsibility:


  • JIRA status- these govern the default JIRA workflow and consist of Open, In progress, Reopened, Resolved, Closed
    • The Clojure workflow does not really distinguish between these much other than general open/closed differentiation
  • Approval- a custom field that is (mostly) how Screeners change the state of a ticket
    • None - new ticket
    • Triaged - screener has approved the ticket as worth working on
    • Prescreened - screener has approved the ticket and screened the patch for review
    • Vetted - screener and Rich have approved the ticket as worth working on
    • Screened - screener has approved a ticket's patch for review by Rich
    • Incomplete - screener has requested improvements to a ticket or patch
    • Ok - Rich has approved the ticket for inclusion
  • Patch- qualifies the kind of patch attached
    • None - no patch
    • Code - code only, no test
    • Code and Test - code and test
  • Fix version
    • Release X.X - specific targeted release 
    • Backlog - will consider in future release 
  • Resolution- when a ticket is closed, it will have a resolution
    • Declined - did not accept a ticket for work
    • Duplicate
    • Completed
    • Unresolved 


The colored blocks represent activities performed by different groups - the colors correspond to the group (Orange = contributors, Blue = screeners, Green = BDFL). Diamonds represent decisions to be made during an activity. Activities are described in more detail below the diagram.

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  • Who: Screeners
  • Report: Open tickets 
  • Goal: decide whether the bug or enhancement described in the ticket is actually a real bug or enhancement. 
  • Process (see: Creating Tickets):
    1. Is the ticket about 1 thing?  If not, then either split the ticket yourself or ask the submitter to do so.
    2. Does the ticket clearly state the problem? If not, then either update yourself or ask the submitter to do so.
    3. For larger enhancements / features, it is probably better to suggest the submitter post to clojure-dev and then create a page on the design wiki instead.
    4. For bugs, there should be some demonstration that the problem actually exists (output from a repl, test, etc). Verify the problem exists in the current release of Clojure.
    5. Does the ticket include a link to other relevant discussion (such as a clojure-dev thread, IRC conversation, etc)?
    6. At this stage, it is not necessary for there to be a patch or to validate it fixes the problem.
  • Actions, pick one of:
    • Comment on ticket to ask for more information, better description, better demonstration of problem, etc
    • Close with Resolution=Decline, reasons: 
      • Not a bug: submitter misunderstood or misused a feature or ticket doesn't make sense
      • Scope too big: feature may be better served by creating a page in the design wiki than in a ticket
      • Enhancement not wanted: enhancement is not something we want to do
      • Duplicate: of existing ticket
      • Too many things: break this ticket apart into smaller pieces
    • Set Approval=Triaged - problem is ok
  • Who: Screeners
  • Report: Triaged tickets
  • Goal: improve the ticket and screen the patch before Rich does vetting, allows faster path through the remainder of the process
  • Actions:
    • Set Approval=Prescreened - patch is ok
    • Comment on ticket regarding issues with patch (leaves in Triaged)
  • Who: Rich
  • Report: Triaged and Prescreened tickets
  • Goal: second check on whether the bug/enhancement is worth working on and decision of whether it's suitable for the next release.
  • Actions:
    • Close w Resolution=Declined - as above, ticket may not be something we want to address
    • Set Approval=Vetted - problem is good