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  • Works out of the box with 1.2.0+
  • Startup time is a little sluggish, but not too bad
  • The bean function causes some unnecessary GC and load time
  • zip, xml, and set loading in add 1-2 seconds on to the load time (fixed)
  • Average load time for a hello world app on stock clojure is 8-9 seconds using my macbook pro and the android emulator running Froyo
  • Average load time for a hello world app drops to around 5 seconds with the bean function removed and zip, set, and xml removed from the load in
  • Clojure adds =~ 4MB of overhead on application size (without any metadata stripped)
    • Standard Hello Android on Java: 20.01KB
    • Standard Hello Android on Clojure: 4.21MB