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  • patch CLJ-681 has been applied
    • Keeps the Ant build the way it is now
      • Developers can continue to use Ant for local builds
    • Maven controls the build/test/release process on Hudson
      • Real pom.xml
      • Declares Sonatype's oss-parent POM as a parent
        • Enables releases to public open-source repositories managed by Sonatype
      • Calls out to Ant for Clojure-specific compile and test phases
  • SNAPSHOT releases automatically deployed by hudson
  • Numbered releases controlled by Hudson/Maven
    • Only Clojure language committers may initiate a release

New contrib projects

  • To promote new contrib projects, see How to Create New Contrib Projects
  • To release, see How to Make Releases
  • Git repositories
    • New contrib libs get their own repos under the Clojure github organization
    • Each lib gets one or more "owners" who have commit access
    • Library authors still use JIRA + patches to accept contributions
    • All contributors must have a CA
  • JIRA
    • Each contrib library/project will get its own JIRA
  • Maven
    • Contrib projects must be built with Maven 2
    • All contrib POMs must declare "org.clojure:pom.contrib" as a parent
      • Inherits from Sonatype's OSS POM
      • Defines release process (OSS snapshots + staging)
      • Set dependency on latest Clojure release (1.3.0-alpha5)
        • May be overridden on a per-project basis
        • Support building with a local Clojure JAR
      • Inherits from pom.oss-deploy
      • Sets license to EPL
      • Configures Java 1.5 as a target
      • Sets common plugin/build configurations
      • Uses com.theoryinpractise:clojure-maven-plugin
      • Defaults to source-only JAR, override to AOT-compile only when necessary
  • Procedure for SNAPSHOT releases
    • Push to github
    • Hudson builds automatically
    • Automatically deploys to Sonatype OSS SNAPSHOT repo
  • Procedure for numbered releases
  • Project owners have permission in Hudson to do a release of their projects
  • Project owners must follow release numbering policy
  • In Hudson, click



  • Specify a release version number and the next development version number
  • In Hudson's local checkout of the project:
    • modifies pom.xml with the release version number, commits, tags with version
    • modifies pom.xml with the dev. version number, commits to master
    • checks out the tagged release, builds & deploys to Sonatype OSS
  • Creates a numbered "staging" repository
  • Automatically closes and promotes the staging repo to Sonatype "releases"
  • Sonatype automatically syncs to Maven Central
  • After a successful release; tags and new master are automatically pushed to Github

"Classic" / old clojure-contrib