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  • Compatibility with Maven 2.0.x, 2.1.x, and 3.x
  • Compatibility with other popular Maven plugins
    • Javadoc
    • Jar
    • Sources
    • See Clojure's pom.xml for examples
  • Proper integration with Maven Surefire testing plugin?
  • Clojure autodoc support?
  • Fork a new Java process (like Mark Derricutt's plugin) or run in a Classloader?
    • Configurable?
    • Maven Toolchain API support?
    • JVM command-line argument support?
  • What language to write in?
    • Clojure
      • Clojure startup time slows down builds?
      • Makes the plugin depend on the language
      • Have to create plugin metadata XML by hand
      • More extensible?
    • Java
      • Automatically generates plugin metadata XML from source
      • Requires calling Clojure through Java
      • Less flexible?
      • Faster?
  • How to support interactive development?
    • Maven wasn't really designed for that
    • But other languages, e.g. Scala, have made it work
  • Sensible defaults
    • AOT-compile .clj sources?
    • Auto-discovery of namespaces for compilation and/or testing?