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Comment: Add my notes on build profiles


  • production: lean and mean
    • no source code
    • (eventually?) reduced metadata
  • development
    • source code 
  • batteries included
    • includes latest core-approved version of all contribs
    • easy way to distinguish level of maturity
      • Clojure and a few others: 1.x or later
      • many things < 1.0
    • does batteries included need both production and development versions?
      • guessing development only would be ok

Thoughts on build profiles (SS 2011-03-17)

There are two aspects, each with two possible approaches:

  • Packaging aspect: what goes in the JAR?
    • "before" approach: modules
      • Split "Clojure" into smaller modules
        • E.g., "data structures", "runtime support", "compiler"
        • All can live in the same Git repository
      • Build and release each module on its own
      • Release "Clojure" as the combination of all of them
      • Users can combine them in different ways
        • E.g., an Android app can omit the compiler
      • Requires significant source-code reorganization
    • "after" approach: multiple build artifacts
      • Build "Clojure" as one thing
      • Filter different subsets of .class files into different JARs
      • Leaves current source-code structure in place
      • Trickier to get right
        • E.g., ensuring no missing dependencies among compiled artifacts
  • Compiling aspect: what goes in each .class file?
    • "before" approach: compiler flags
      • Compile-time flags to include/omit certain things
        • Set once for an entire build? Or per-namespace?
      • Raises question: what is the interface to the Clojure compiler?
        • clojure.lang.Compile is a command-line interface
        • clojure.core/compile is the Clojure interface
        • For better tooling we need an official Java interface
    • "after" approach: filtering
      • Process compiler's output to remove things like metadata
      • How would we do this?