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"This is a toe in the water experiment for support for more data types (like URIs, IPs, UUIDs etc) where the representation will inevitably differ across applications. The idea is that the reader support conveys the semantics (this is a point in time, not a string or number) and printed representation, without dictating the programmatic type. This will allow people to use Clojure data as a richer transport format without locking anyone (or even two ends of the same application) into particular libraries etc." – Rich Hickey on the dev list


  • Many programs need to manipulate time-related values and we have no way to incorporate them in the data format used by read.
  • Different representations are commonplace and necessary.
  • The Java classes in this area are bad


  • #@ISO8601-STRING reader macro
    • codename, swear-date
  • calls pluggable parser fn
    • extension point is via bindable var
  • default parser returns Jode DateTime
    • option 1: uses Joda to parse, returns java.util.Date
      • throws exception referencing Joda if Joda not on classpath
    • option 2: like 1, but uses 
  • print Joda DateTime in this format
    • but not Java date stuff (makes promises we don't want / can't fulfill)