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^{::xml/ns {"" "http://..."
"x" "http://..."}
::xml/prefix "x"}
{:tag :foo
:uri "http://..."
:attrs {...}
:content [...]}

A map with keys: :tag (local name keywordized), :attrs (attribute map), :content (nil, sequence, sequential collectionl collection of nodes), :uri (namespace URI as string).

Metadata: under the ::xml/ns key, a map of prefixes (strings) to URIs (strings), under the ::xml/prefix a string of the original prefix.

(where xml is an alias for data.xml)

^{::xml/ns {"" "http://..."
"x" "http://..."}
::xml/prefix "x"}
[:href "http://..."]

A map entry whose key is either a keyword (no prefix) or a [:kw "uri"] pair; the value is a string.

In the case of [:kw "uri"] keys, ::xml/prefix SHOULD be present

the uri MUST NOT be nil or the empty string

Text nodes
 {:comment "text"}
... TBD