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Brandom Bloom's notes on the Clojure mailing list:


  1. Better Want better parity with JVM Clojure
  2. async Javascript (ie. nearly all Javascript) makes the binding macro effectively useless without bound-fn
  3. Some common Clojure behaviors, like printing to a dynamically bound *out*, can't currently exist across an async boundary. See *print-fn* in CLJS
  4. I'd like to create a dom manipulation library that has a *dom* dynamic variable, which acts like current working directory for dom manipulation functions. I've got some crazy ideas that I want to experiment with here, especially once I implement add-watch: I think I can achieve pretty seamless UI data binding.


  • Are Vars still useful without threads?
    • Yes, but only dynamic varsasync ! Async callbacks and threads have a lot of common design considerations
    • Several interactive development use cases
      • Vars are invokable, so you can preserve the indirection with the #'var special form
        • (comp f #'g) ; returns a function that dynamically updates with g, but not with f.
      • IWatchable can be used to instantly re-test a function in a live browser
  • Performance
    • Price is equivalent to that of JVM Clojure
      • Extra indirection for def and deref
      • Shared stack of dynamic binding frames
      • Hash lookup on each access
    • Opt-in price for the Var indirection
    • Treat ^:dynamic as that opt-in mechanism; no impact for static vars
    • Potential optimization: Leverage Javascript's prototypical inheritance instead of Frame type
  • Required compiler analysis
    • Metadata for resolved vars
    • Not available for external libraries
      • OK, because we only care about ^:dynamic vars
  • Interop
    • Vars declared as ^:dynamic differ from static ones: they are wrapped in the Var type
    • binding, etc are only applicable to dynamic vars, not useful to non-ClojureScript callers
    • External callers can still use deref and alter-var-root