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By participating we hope to accomplish several things. Of foremost importance, students get an opportunity to contribute to projects that would require far more sophistication in programming languages with more complex semantics than a Lisp - for example constraint logic programming over finite domains or improving the minimalistic ClojureScript compiler to produce optimal JavaScript code. We believe this kind of knowledge is incredibly useful outside the context of the Clojure language or community in particular. Taking on a proposal also gives students the critical opportunity to own a highly visible project and become a community leader. The Clojure community largely consists of practitioners so there often many projects of moderate difficultly with significant community benefits that do not get addressed simply for lack of time. By participating as a sponsoring organization of GSoC 2012, Clojure/core can contribute back to its community in a vital way that we otherwise could not given that we are not an academic institution nor have any infrastructure in place to encourage community members to set aside two to three focused months to work on useful projects.