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  • Java 6 (for running Eclipse, you can still use Java 5 for your projects)

Install Eclipse (optional)

(If you do not have Eclipse installed, or you want to make isolated tests of the Clojure plugin for Eclipse)


  • Menu Help > Install new software…
  • Paste the following Counterclockwise url in the “Work with:” textbox: , Hit Enter
  • Select counterclockwise, verify the “Contact all update sites during …” chekbox is checked, click next, accept licence, etc., restart Eclipse
  • Go to menu Window > Reset Perspective ... this will reset the way the views are layout, and also place correctly the views contributed by Counterclockwise (the Namespace Browser view, placed "behind" the code outline view)

Test the install (optional)

Create and run a simple Clojure project ("Hello Betty")