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  • What problem are you trying to solve?  Prior to any patch you should have a problem statement, and it should be included in the description of the patch?.
  • Have you vetted your idea with the community?  Please discuss on either the dev or clojure-dev list before your write your patch, and include a link to the discussion.  (Not necessary for trivial patches like typos.)
  • Which patch is which? As tickets grow, make sure you document clearly which patch(es) are active? .  Don't do this be deleting old patches, just refer to patches by name in the comments.
  • How will you prove to others your patch works?  Plan to include tests.  Example-based tests are ok, but generative tests are preferred.
  • Don't do too much!  Submit small patches that address specific problems, don't add anything extra, even (especially!) "cleanup" of nearby code.
  • List the tradeoffs. What other approaches did you consider, and why is the approach you selected best?
  • Keep the description up-to-date as comments come in. It is very time-consuming to reconstruct the current state of a ticket by reading the comment thread.