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The core team vet tickets, getting them into a state where they can be tested, and screened. Steps are:

  1. Take ownership of a ticket that is status "New" and not currently owned by someone else.

  2. Verify that the issue is reproducible, adding a test case if necessary.

  3. Set Approval to "Vetted."

  4. If the ticket has a patch that applies
    1. Test the patch. If it seems to work, set the status to "Test."

    2. If there isn't a unit test and you feel like writing one, please do so.

    3. Set fixVersion to the upcoming clojure version e.g. Clojure 1.6.
    4. Set Patch to Code or "Code and Test".
  5. Release ownership of the ticket.

Rich vets tickets as follows:

  1. Rich works from the tickets triaged by Core.

  2. Rich sets the fixVersion to one or more releases.

  3. Rich sets approval to "Vetted", indicating that these tickets should be prioritized for development,