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  • Stand up a Jira instance.
  • FAQ for CA (Rich?)
    • I've attached a copy of Sun's CA FAQ to this page
  • FAQ for patches vs pulls (Rich?)
  • Guidelines for lib owners (review and update Guidelines for Clojure Contrib committers, possibly add separate page for owners)
    • build/test guidelines: you must use maven or leiningen. When in doubt, meet at the pom.
    • Intra-contrib dep policy: allowed, use maven/leiningen
    • External dep policy: allowed, use maven/leiningen.
      • not so fast, we'll at least want to restrict to certain licenses
    • Note that internal deps (and especially external deps), while permitted, greatly reduce the ability of the lib to ever be promoted into Clojure.

Naming convention for contrib repos

  •  = package
  • prefix can be data/tools/math/core/java/io

Decisions Needed