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A copy of the application questions is now on-line at Mentoring Organization Application.  Now is the time to help fill this out and post Project Ideas 2013.

Clojure/GSoC Kickoff: 18 Mar 2013

Today, Google opens the application period for mentoring organizations.  More information about Clojure's application will be added here shortly.  In the meantime, the most important thing we need to do is fill up the Project Ideas 2013 page.  Additionally, at Clojure/West there will be a unsession this evening at 18:00 PDT.


Google Summer of Code 2013 has been officially announced, and it is time to prepare Clojure's application.  This means it is time to start discussing ideas on the mailing list and posting them to the  Project Ideas 2013 page.

Clojure/West Unsession


Becoming a mentor can be a fun and rewarding experience.  It is also a great way to help grow the community around your particular Clojure project.  You can get started now by posting suggestions for student projects on the Project Ideas 2013 page.


To be a successful mentor, you will need to:


Please see the Project Ideas 2013 page.