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Need different build artifacts:

  • production: lean and mean
    • no source code
    • (eventually?) reduced metadata
  • development
    • source code 
  • batteries included
    • includes latest core-approved version of all contribs
    • easy way to distinguish level of maturity
      • Clojure and a few others: 1.x or later
      • many things < 1.0
    • does batteries included need both production and development versions?
      • guessing development only would be ok

Thoughts on build profiles (SS 2011-03-17)

There are two aspects, each with two possible approaches:

  • Packaging aspect: what goes in the JAR?
    • "before" approach: modules
      • Split "Clojure" into smaller modules
        • E.g., "data structures", "runtime support", "compiler"
        • All can live in the same Git repository
      • Build and release each module on its own
      • Release "Clojure" as the combination of all of them
      • Users can combine them in different ways
        • E.g., an Android app can omit the compiler
      • Requires significant source-code reorganization
    • "after" approach: multiple build artifacts
      • Build "Clojure" as one thing
      • Filter different subsets of .class files into different JARs
      • Leaves current source-code structure in place
      • Trickier to get right
        • E.g., ensuring no missing dependencies among compiled artifacts
  • Compiling aspect: what goes in each .class file?
    • "before" approach: compiler flags
      • Compile-time flags to include/omit certain things
        • Set once for an entire build? Or per-namespace?
      • Raises question: what is the interface to the Clojure compiler?
        • clojure.lang.Compile is a command-line interface
        • clojure.core/compile is the Clojure interface
        • For better tooling we need an official Java interface
    • "after" approach: filtering
      • Process compiler's output to remove things like metadata
      • How would we do this?


Clojure today exists at a balance point between performance and dynamic flexibility. Some users would be willing to sacrifice dynamic features to gain more performance. Other users would be willing to sacrifice performance to gain better development error messages or debugging. The problem we aim to solve is to alter the Clojure build such that we can produce alternate versions of Clojure that are useful to smaller audiences while retaining Clojure as it is today.


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