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JIRA Audit Notes

Possible things to change:

  • remove regular user permission for fields that should not be edited by core team:
    • due date, fix versions (used for release assignment), patch, approval
    • this will cause the fields to simply not appear on data entry screens
    • implies creation of "core" group that still do have these permissions
  • remove all time tracking features other than release assignment
  • fix default assignment (think things get assigned to project owner, currently Rich)
  • create some components
    • language/docs/??
    • if not, then mask out component field
  • make sure assignment can only be done by core team
  • run the re-index (apparently necessary but makes JIRA temporarily unavailable)

Design Notes

  • be mimimalist: we are trying to spend our time innovating in Clojure, not JIRA!
  • capture existing Assembla data with fidelity
  • capture Relevance best practices across a variety of ticketing systems
  • avoid language that presumes defects (or even software)
  • state names represent motion toward goal (usually)
  • states are almost implied by roles
  • don't stay open, or re-open: use references