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Design Discussion for

Problem: There have been a slow stream of ad-hoc requests for XML features in clojure, but no unifying design.


  • promote (part of?) clojure.contrib.lazy-xml?
    • lazy-xml/parse-seq (optionally) relies on an external jar, Presumably that option would simply be removed for a version?
    • lazy-xml/emit was reimplemented fairly recently to rely on java.xml.transform for all escaping, indenting, and character encoding.  This tends to be more correct than hand-rolled implementations of these, but does depend on Java's pluggable implementations of these classes leading to potentially inconsistent behavior in different Java installations.
  • translation of XML into Clojure data structures.
    • clojure.xml, c.c.lazy-xml, and enlive all share same format
      • enlive actually supports a superset of clojure.xml (namely comments) but the big overgsight in the current Clojure way to represent XML is how to deal with namespaces
    • format is code friendly
    • could have an alternate literal-friendly form
  • improve/enhance undocumented functions in clojure.xml 
    • emit XML elements
      • indentation
      • XML escaping
      • CDATA sections
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