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  • fn is specified by an interface (IFn), taking/returning objects
    • fns must still satisfy that interface
  • How will callers know about primitive params/return, and how to invoke?
    • New :static support
    • can we decouple from static?
  • Overloading
    • we leverage in Java root ops (e.g. Numbers) but don't expose
    • even? as an example of something that would have to be primitivized in order to be efficient with all arg types


  • defn supports {:static true} metadata
  • :static fns can take/return longs and doubles in addition to Objects
  • compiler will compile static methods in addition to IFn virtual methods
  • When compiling direct invocation of :static fn, compiler will look at var metadata and make call to static method
    • Note that because it is not going through the var at runtime, will not see any dynamic modifications to the var
      • thus 'static'
      • Caller won't see redefs, bindings etc
      • Like macros, recompile client code to see changes
  • The var still contains IFn object for HOFs etc
    • and you can get dynamic call by using (#'foo ...)