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  • Use the class of the throwable as dispatch value in case the dispatch function returns nil. (Rasmus SvendssonSvensson)
  • Why type based dispatch? Handlers are closed anyway. Maybe pattern matching? (Chris Houser)
  • There's already a patch for supporting catching Exceptions inline with Conditions: assembla:80-add-catch-clauses-to-c-c-condition You can include (catch Exception e []) clauses interspersed with your (handle :foo []) clauses in the current implementation. The only thing that's missing is documentation. (Phil Hagelberg)
    • The patch referenced makes a difference between conditions and "normal" exceptions: for one you need "handle" clauses, for the others you need "catch" clauses. Also it does not allow a "finally" clause. Maybe the patch can be augmented? (Meikel Brandmeyer)