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  1. Get Gradle:
  2. Unzip the zip to some directory.
  3. Point the GRADLE_HOME env var to /some/directory/gradle-1.0-milestone-1.
  4. Download clojuresque:
  5. Put the jar in $GRADLE_HOME/lib/plugins.
  6. Tell gradle you want to use clojuresque in the buildscript:
    Code Block
    apply plugin: "clojure"
  7. Add clojars to your repositories:
    Code Block
    repositories { clojarsRepo() }
  8. Put your clojure sources under src/main/clojure.
  9. Run gradle build.
  10. Find the jar with your project under build/lib/<project>-<version>.jar.

A minimal buildscript is:

Code Block
apply plugin: "clojure"

repositories {

dependencies {
    compile 'org.clojure:clojure:1.2.0'

Some more information can be found in the wiki.