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Approval status - the Approval field in a JIRA issue.
Clojure/core member - Contributor who has the approval to vet tickets in JIRA.
Contributor - Person who has signed the Clojure Contributor Agreement.
Defect - A bug in the code base.
Enhancement - A new feature in the code base.
Issue - A ticket in JIRA.
Screener - Contributor who is approved to screen tickets.
Task - Work that must be done outside the code base.


If you've got a bug fix or feature you'd like to submit to the Clojure, Clojure Contrib Libraries, ClojureScript or Clojure CLR projects, first - thanks! Before you get too deep into the code, please make sure you review the contributing guidelines -- it's important to submit a Contributor's agreement as detailed on that page. Once it's been received (your name will appear on the contributor's list on that page), you can join the clojure-dev Google group. Anyone with a CA can become a member of our Confluence and JIRA. Just sign up (please use a recognizable name), then ask on the clojure-dev group and I'll bump up your membership level to make edits.

Clojure projects in JIRA




So You Have an Idea...

In order to make sure you are not duplicating effort, fixing a feature, or planning an unwelcome change, please coordinate with the community, by first examining existing issues (clojure's ,  links to the various contrib 's libraries' JIRA projects can be found on the Where Did Clojure Contrib Go page), and discussing your patch plan on the clojure-dev Google group.


Once you're ready to craft your code, the first thing you'll need is a clone of the Clojure or Contrib appropriate repository. The examples below are for the contrib Clojure project -- for submissions to Clojure itself, remove "-contrib" from the examples:

$ git clone git://
$ cd clojure-contrib

Next, create a new branch for yourself:


Now you can attach that patch file to the JIRA ticket and please add the 'patch' tag. Please mark the ticket 'ready to test' by checking that option under Choose an action...

Vetting Tickets



The core team by vetting vet tickets, getting them into a state where they can be tested, and screened. Steps are:


To apply someone's changes you need to first create a branch:

Code Block

git checkout -b freds_fixbug42
git am -s < their-patch-file.diff