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  • [Cheat sheet|]
    • This currently starts life as a Latex file maintained by Steve Tayon.  afaik it does not live in a public repo anywhere.  Would be good to get the Latex and generated derivatives (like the PDF attachment on this page) into a repo that can be pointed at directly. - now maintained by Andy Fingerhut on github
    • The actual html content here was last translated manually by Alex Miller and is actually out of date wrt the latest PDF attached.  Need to create an automated process for taking the input, generating the HTML output, and linking the function calls in the page to API docs.  Andy Fingerhut wrote a script for this - yay!  
  • Namespaces and Libs- this is something you're confronted with immediately in writing Clojure but there are not many (any?) good examples on Big improvements needed here, mostly with examples.  Maybe it makes sense to merge these two pages?
  • Agents page  
    • Should mention *agent* ?
  • Java interop page
  • Vars page 
    • Add defrecord, defprotocol
    • Anything else?
  • Lazy page 
    • Currently not on left nav and is out of date
    • BUT it's a source of some useful info that's not well-documented anywhere else - rest vs next and lazy seqs info
    • Please clean and promote to left nav!
  • Libraries page
    • This is probably woefully out of date and will always be so.  It is useful to have a list like this but maybe it would live better in a more open wiki location where many hands could help tend it.  Perhaps is a better home for this kind of info and it should merely be referenced from an appropriate "community" page on - moved to wiki
  • Community page
    • Needs an organizational overhaul so people can scan this to find something near them.  I assume that the ideal organization of this page should thus be geographical, broken down by continent / country / region / city / etc.   - added to wiki by Christopher Redinger and redirected by Rich Hickey on 2/23/11
    • Include Clojure Meetup code discount information or means to get it.- added to new wiki page by Alex Miller on 2/23/11
    • Include a process tip on how to get a new organization listed on this page (email, jira, etc). - added to new wiki page by Alex Miller on 2/23/11
  • Jobs page 
    • Should go away?  - removed by Rich Hickey on 4/11/12