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Problems people have in structuring tests, test suites etc.  How to map ns's and functions to test ns's and functions? 1-1 mapping, 1-many mapping etc?

Tooling Issues


  • Composability: if tooling wants to override the reporting behavior (or the assertion behavior), it's often impossible to combine such tooling with other tooling. An example is that Leiningen monkey-patches some of the clojure.test machinery which can then break other tooling that tries to override behavior. I recently created expectations/clojure-test to provide an Expectations-like DSL over clojure.test and found that it didn't work well with Paul Stadig's Humane Test Output because both tools extend the assert-expr multimethod (I ended up making e/c-t conditionally aware of HTO and changing its behavior accordingly).

Using clojure.spec with clojure.test