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First, take a look at You can Try Clojure; it will give without installing it on your machine; this site gives you a Clojure prompt ('REPL') in your browser, and a brief tutorial. ThenNext steps:

Learn Clojure

  • To practice, 4Clojure: Fill-in-the-blank exercises from beginning to advanced. Click on one of the 'title' links to do a problem

Run Clojure

  • To get Clojure up and running on your machine, Clooj: A simple IDE/editor with a REPL
  • Once you're comfortable with Clooj, install If you want an easily installable editor and REPL, try Clooj
  • Install Leiningen and read the tutorial.

            You'll need Lein to build programs and run them at the command line, and also to use Clojure libraries.
  • If you need a more powerful development environment (with a learning curve to match), try Emacs, the choice of many experienced Clojurians.

            If you want a standard IDE, there are plugins for Eclipse, Netbeans, and IntelliJ, among others.

Use Clojure

  • Build websites with Noir; also has a nice check out Noir's collection of web programming tutorials


  • List of the libraries available, and choices for the web application stack

Other Options

  • For a complete listing of Clojure tools, look here
  • Getting Started is community-maintained.  If you are a member, feel free to update or add (tested, correct) instructions to any of these pages. If you are not a member feel free to send suggestions (or edits in HTML or markdown) to Stuart Halloway (Email stu at, twitter stuarthalloway).