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Clojure releases 1.4 and later

  1. login to with sufficient privileges
  2. navigate to
  3. set release version to e.g. 1.5.0-alpha30
  4. set development version to e.g. 1.5.0-master
  5. review carefully! 
  6. click "Schedule Maven Release"
  7. wait a few minutes for build, and then a few hours for propagation to Maven Central

Clojure releases 1.3.0-alpha5 and earlier

  1. your key must be installed on!
  2. git checkout onto the correct branch
  3. create/edit changes.txt
  4. run ./ (follow instructions for args)
  5. if build succeded:
    1. upload the ZIP package to
    2. update the download links at
    3. git push your changes
  6. if build failed:
    1. clean up any messes as necessary (locally and on
      #Use "mvn deploy" to copy the Maven artifacts from local repo to