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  • Solution must retain "AST is just data" property. ie No API should be required to interpret it
  • Idea: store :children as keys into the AST map
    • would be nice: (defn children [ast] ((apply juxt (:children ast)) ast))
      • but need to handle implicit do blocks: (defn children [ast](mapcat #(if (coll? %) % [%]) ((apply juxt (:children ast)) ast)))
    • ticket:
    • outstanding issue: interleaved bindings
  • Alternate idea: all child nodes are moved from the top level into a map in :children
    • For "if" this would change {:op :if :env {env} :test test-expr :then then-expr :else else-expr :children [test-expr then-expr else-expr]} into {:op :if :env {env} :children {:test test-expr :then then-expr :else else-expr}}