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It will also require an ambient thread pool.


Implementation Notes

This proposal has been coded up and the result is available here:

There are 4 major steps to this implementation:

1) The expression inside the state-machine macro is transversed

2) For each node an instruction for a virtual machine is recorded

3) These instructions (in a SSA style block format) are analyzed to find temporary variables

4) The instructions are emitted as a state machine. 

5) The state machine is wrapped by functions that pack and unpack tasks

The output of the state machine macro is a function that takes an old state and produces a new state. Thus these state machines are immutable, and side affect free (assuming the code in them is also side-effect free). 

Work to be done:

  • Think about try/catch/finally, doesn't work at the moment
  • Don't overload the deref value, instead we will use await to deref listenable futures 
  • Remove generator code, it could be confusing to new users
  • Decide on a good future/promise library