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  • Type: Correct categorization (Defect or Enhancement)
  • Summary: concise title
  • Description: 
    • Exactly one issue (if multiple, split across tickets and link)
    • (If Defect) Reproducible demonstration of problem (commands that can be duplicated in a repl are preferred)
    • (If Enhancement) Statement of the what should be improved 
    • Links to relevant prior discussion on clojure-dev, IRC, or email thread as appropriate
  • Priority: categorize based on impact and whether this is a theoretical issue or one actually encountered in real code
  • Labels: (see section below)

Tickets ready for screening should also have:


As work progresses on a ticket, it is common for it to accumulate discussion between submitter, screeners, and patch developers. As this occurs, it is essential to edit the ticket description to stay up to date as a summary of the essential problem, solution approach, and patch. It should not be necessary to read the the full ticket history to evaluate the patch.



The following labels should be used to tag specific categories (sometimes these are useful for searching):

  • aot - ahead-of-time compilation bugs
  • compiler - Clojure compiler
  • deftype - types
  • defrecord - records
  • docstring - function docstrings
  • documentation - docs or other doc-related issues
  • edn - EDN
  • errormsgs - improving (or sometimes adding) an error message returned by Clojure
  • interop - Java interop
  • io - 
  • math - arithmetic issues - overflow, underflow, etc
  • memory - memory issues (GC, head holding, locals clearing, etc)
  • performance - make it faster!
  • print - print and pprint
  • protocols - defprotocol
  • reader - reader (either clojure or edn)
  • reducers
  • repl - usability on the repl (doc, source, apropos, etc)
  • string - clojure.string, subs, etc
  • typehints - their definition or application
  • walk - clojure.walk
  • zip -

DO NOT use these tags:

  • bug or enhancement - this is already covered by the issue type
  • patch and test - already covered by the patch field