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We are most proud of the several students who have continued their GSoC work and have taken up leadership roles within the community.  For example, Ambrose Bonnaire-Sargeant Sergeant (2012, 2013) successfully raised over $35,000 to continue his work on Typed Clojure, part of which went to help Nicola Mometto (2013) continue his Clojure in Clojure work.  Nicola's work has also been sponsored by Cognitect.  Alexander Yakushev (2012, 2013) has taken the lead in the Clojure/Android community and has significantly helped increase the adoption of Clojure on Android.

Despite our successes from the past two years, there is still plenty of room for improvement.  We did a better job last year on keeping the community updated on students' progress, and we will need to continue improving on that.  We will also need to figure out ways to improve communication between administrators and mentors.  We set up a mailing list last year, and that helped.  We will also be trying to get more people involved in the program both as mentors and as administrators.  We think that by delegating duties and improving communication, it will be easier avoid the situation where a single person that gets too busy with duties outside of GSoC causes a lot of problems for others.