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Comment: Verify current version of ASM being used by stable and edge JRuby


  1. Should we use ASM jar as is (make the dependency public) or use re-rooted versions that cannot conflict?
    1. Scala: 2.10+ uses ASM 4.1, subsetted, and rerooted to
    2. Groovy: 2.1 (latest stable) uses ASM 4.0 external, 2.2 (next) uses ASM 4.1 external
    3. JRuby: 1.7.4 (latest stable) uses ASM 4.1 (I think), subsetted, and rerooted to
    4. Recommend:  re  re-root to avoid conflicts
  2. What (if anything) needs to be done with computing stack frames to satisfy bytecode verification changes in JDK 7?
    If using a re-rooted version should that version be provided in a separate jar for separability in environments which do not need it?
    1. Recommend: 
  3. If re-rooted, should we subset the jar and only include what we use rather than the whole jar?
    1. Recommend: yes, as long as we're modifying we might as well subset
  4. If using a re-rooted jar, should we provide a split version of the re-rooted asm to allow it to be optional for environments that don't need it?
    1. Recommend:


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