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Approval status - the Approval field in a JIRA issue.
Clojure/core member - Contributor who has the approval to vet tickets in JIRA.
Contributor - Person who has signed the Clojure Contributor Agreement.
Defect - A bug in the code base.
Enhancement - A new feature in the code base.
Issue - A ticket in JIRA.
Screener - Contributor who is approved to screen tickets.
Task - Work that must be done outside the code base.

An issue is created in JIRA that expresses some unit of work that is desired. This could be a defect, an enhancement or a task.

Clojure/core team vets the ticket, and changes the approval status to Vetted, indicating this is a problem that we want to solve.
Next a contributor writes a patch to address a defect or enhancement, and attaches the patch to the issue. The contributor should also indicate what kind of patch this is in the ticket. The approval status is then set to test, indicating it is dev complete.

A screener will review the issue and marks the approval status as Screened. This will set the issue to waiting on Rich.

Rich comes along and blesses the issue by setting it the approval status to OK, meaning the code is ready to build & push to git.

When the code has been pushed, the issue is marked as Resolved.

At any point along this path a Screener can mark the issue as Declined, meaning it is not something we are going to address.

Also, at any point a Clojure/core member can mark the approval status as Incomplete. This indicates more information is needed to continue work on the issue. There is also an optional Waiting On? field that should be set to indicate who is expected to provide the additional information

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