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How to promote a library into "new" Clojure contrib:

Email the clojure-dev mailing list to request operations requiring administrator privileges.

Clojure GitHub admin:
Clojure Hudson admin:
  • Create a Hudson user account for the new author if they do not already have one
Library author:
  • Structure your project's directories like a standard Maven project
    • Clojure sources in src/main/clojure
    • Java sources (if any) in src/main/java
    • Clojure test sources in src/test/clojure
  • Create a pom.xml file according to the build.pom instructions
  • Add the library to the ci_data.clj file in with your Hudson username as the owner
Clojure Hudson admin:
  • Run the job to regenerate Hudson configuration
  • Force Hudson to "Reload configuration from disk"
Library author: