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This page and subpages capture planning for Release.Next. This is higher-level than specific tasks (linked below).

Open Questions

  • Is this 1.3 or 2.0?

Beta checklist

  • numerics
    • docs good?
    • any work remaining?
  • new contribs
    • create projects for must-have contribs
    • documentation story
    • batteries-included build
  • benchmarks
    • define interim step toward complete suite for release
  • defrecord improvements
  • tickets
    • work in progress
    • review assignment of tickets to this release
  • build profiles
  • what's new/changed docs
  • derefs with timeouts?
  • creature comforts

Completed tasks

  • finish the [Clojure on maven|] ticket +[DONE|DONE]+
    * Get Hudson/Maven build + deployment working for Clojure & Contrib [DONE|DONE]
    * test the new contrib build against all the new contribs [DONE|DONE]
    ** core.unify
    ** tools.nrepl
    ** data.finger-tree

Follow Along in JIRA

  • Open / All issues for Release.Next
  • Approved Backlog issues are not currently slated for the next release. Please add comments and/or vote up issues important to you!