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  • TODO
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    • Remove less interesting tickets that don't have more docs
    • Comb through Git history and document the stuff not captured by tickets

Changes to Clojure in Version 1.3 Beta


0 Still In Process
1 Deprecated and Removed Features
2 New/Improved Features in clojure.core
3 New Namespaces
4 Functions with Improved Performance
5 Bug Fixes
6 JIRA issues

= 0 Still In Process =

  • CLJ-184 n-ary bit functions, also inlining of n-ary bit and math operations
  • CLJ-236 Add error checking for defmulti options.
  • CLJ-371 dynamic defrecord definitions trumped by AOT versions in classpath
  • CLJ-374 print/read syntax for defrecords
  • CLJ-425 case should handle hash collision
  • CLJ-435 stackoverflow exception in printing meta with :type
  • CLJ-666 Add support for Big* numeric types to Reflector
  • CLJ-671 Recur mismatch causes infinite loop in compiler
  • CLJ-772 bit ops to have primitive semantics by default, no conditionals, direct mapping to JVM primitive ops

= 1 Deprecated and Removed Features =

  • CLJ-182 Symbol.create is now Symbol.intern
  • CLJ-278 replicate could be marked deprecated
  • CLJ-741 Stop ISeq from inheriting Sequential
  • CLJ-752 Remove earmuff == dynamic support

= 2 New/Improved Features in clojure.core =

  • CLJ-244 walk support for sorted-by collections
  • CLJ-249 Add "starting at <line>" to EOF while reading exceptions
  • CLJ-263 Add an optional environment argument to #'resolve and ns-resolve
  • CLJ-276 Add non-interning keyword lookup function
  • CLJ-280 def should support an optional doc-string
  • CLJ-285 Make it easier to discover the source of compiler exceptions when two files have the same name in different directories
  • CLJ-315 Add support for running -main namespace from clojure.main without AOT
  • CLJ-364 Make PersistentQueue Counted
  • CLJ-378 Set thread names on agent thread pools
  • CLJ-380 bit-and missing long parameters overload
  • CLJ-390 sends from agent error-handlers should be allowed
  • CLJ-397 better error message when calling macros with arity
  • CLJ-425 stop early-loading ancillary libraries
  • CLJ-429 revamp ant build
  • CLJ-439 Automatic type translation from Integer to Long
  • CLJ-441 Add unchecked coercions
  • CLJ-443 Add zero-arity body to comp function
  • CLJ-448 structural diff
  • CLJ-435 Reflection
  • CLJ-454 docstrings for special ops
  • CLJ-458 print-table
  • CLJ-460 promote interrupt handling to clojure.repl
  • CLJ-665 Add mechanism to temporarily replace root bindings of vars
  • CLJ-681 Build Clojure with Maven 2
  • CLJ-729 Add any-pred and every-pred combinators
  • CLJ-742 Error message for invalid map literals is not helpful
  • CLJ-748 fast path equal case for diff

= 5 Bug Fixes =

  • CLJ-8 GC Issue 3: Re-enable detection of circular loads
  • CLJ-31 GC Issue 27: Disallow recur across try
  • CLJ-139 defmulti should not add {:tag 'clojure.lang.MultiFn} to multimethod metatdata
  • CLJ-235 clojure.test fixtures don't work with test-ns-hook
  • CLJ-282 Replace references to duck-streams in clojure.test comments to io
  • CLJ-286 out being used as
  • CLJ-292 LazySeq.sval() nests RuntimeExceptions
  • CLJ-300 newline should output platform-specific newline sequence
  • CLJ-305 out has a misleading docstring
  • CLJ-320 alias function gives confusing message if using unknown namespace
  • CLJ-368 Redefining a function that uses a redifined macro, picks up old macro defintion
  • CLJ-421 clojure tests can fail because of a race in the pprint tests
  • CLJ-430 URL Coercion throws java.lang.ClassCastException
  • CLJ-432 deftype does not work if containing ns contains dashes
  • CLJ-433 munge should not munge $ (which isJavaIdentifierPart), should munge ' (which is not)
  • CLJ-437 Bugs in clojure.set/subset? and superset? for sets with false/nil elements
  • CLJ-444 Infinite recursion in Keyword.intern leads to stack overflow
  • CLJ-447 biginteger fn misses a case for clojure.lang.BigInt
  • CLJ-462 clojure.core/slurp docstring out of date
  • CLJ-465 with-local-vars broken after changes to make dynamic off by default
  • CLJ-674 Typo and/or out-of-place example in clojure.string docstring.
  • CLJ-678 into-array should work with all primitive types
  • CLJ-680 printing promises should not block
  • CLJ-682 cl-format: ~w throws an exception when not wrapped in a pretty-writer
  • CLJ-684 agent self-send test heisenfailing
  • CLJ-690 unchecked int math inconsistency with Java
  • CLJ-691 missing stacktrace confuses REPL error reporting
  • CLJ-693 VerifyError with symbol metadata, macros, and defrecord
  • CLJ-695 pprint does not respect print-length
  • CLJ-697 Compiler doesn't push a binding for unchecked-math
  • CLJ-702 case gives NPE when used with nil
  • CLJ-708 Multi-methods hold onto the head of their arguments
  • CLJ-710 clojure/set fns don't work with mutable sets
  • CLJ-715 pprint test failing only on Hudson
  • CLJ-719 does not correctly handle arrays as first argument
  • CLJ-728 Test for error message fails in IBM JDK
  • CLJ-734 starting scope of let bindings seems incorrect from jdi perspective
  • CLJ-737 definterface/gen-interface do not support array parameter and return types
  • CLJ-739 file is not closed
  • CLJ-747 stack overflow diffing large objects
  • CLJ-749 reference a definterface in file that declares it
  • CLJ-751 cl-format: ~( thows an exception with an empty string

= 6 JIRA Issues =

The complete list of JIRA issues is here: