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  • Non-code classpath operations
    • Find location of a resource by classpath-relative name (
  • Code loading operations
    • Load .clj source or AOT-compiled .class by classpath-relative name (clojure.core/load)
    • Load .clj source from the filesystem (clojure.core/load-file)
  • Namespace operations
    • Create a namespace (clojure.core/create-ns, in-ns, ns)
    • Delete a namespace (clojure.core/remove-ns)
    • Map a symbol to a Var or Class
      • Create a Var (clojure.core/intern)
      • Map a symbol to a public Var (clojure.core/refer)
      • Map a symbol to a class (clojure.core/import)
    • Unmap a symbol (clojure.core/ns-unmap)
    • Add an alias (clojure.core/alias)
    • Remove an alias (clojure.core/ns-unalias)
    • Get symbol mappings (clojure.core/ns-map)
      • Get public symbol mappings (clojure.core/ns-publics)
      • Get class mappings (clojure.core/ns-imports)
      • Get interned symbols (clojure.core/ns-interns)
      • Get symbols mapped from other namespaces (clojure.core/ns-refers)
  • Library operations
    • Load a library by name (PRIVATE clojure.core/load-one)
    • Load a library if it has not already been loaded (clojure.core/require, use)
    • Reload a library (clojure.core/require, use with :reload)
    • Reload a library and all its dependencies (clojure.core/require, use with :reload-all)
    • Get currently-loaded libraries (clojure.core/loaded-libs)
    • ?? Un-load a library
  • Class operations
    • Load a class by name (clojure.core/import, reference full name in source)
  • Combination Library, Class, & Namespace
    • Load a class and map in current namespace (clojure.core/import)
    • Load a library and alias a namespace (clojure.core/require :as)
    • Load a library and map public symbols (clojure.core/use)
  • Features useful to tools
    • Ability to determine library dependencies without loading them