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Cake is a powerful, dependency-based build tool for Clojure that is really fast because it uses persistent JVMs. It also has a built-in, concurrent REPL with command-line history and tab completion. Cake works on Linux, OS X and Windows.


There are three ways to get Cake:

Using gem

  1. gem install cake

Standalone script

  1. Download the script
  2. Put it somewhere in your path and chmod +x cake to make it executable

Git repository

  1. git clone git://
  2. Symlink bin/cake into your path and make it executable

Installing on Windows

  1. Download and install Ruby
  2. Download and install the JDK
  3. Add C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_21\bin to your PATH environment variable 1
  4. Start cmd or your favorite teminal program
  5. Run: gem install win32-process
  6. Run: gem install cake
  7. Run: cake help
    1: Or the appropriate path for your system. Here are more detailed instructions.

Common tasks

cake help      ;; Print tasks with documentation. Use 'cake help TASK' for more details.
cake clean     ;; Remove cake build artifacts.
cake compile   ;; Compile all clojure and java source files.
cake deps      ;; Fetch dependencies and create pom.xml.
cake eval      ;; Eval the given forms in the project JVM.
cake release   ;; Release project jar to clojars.
cake repl      ;; Start an interactive shell with history and tab completion.
cake run       ;; Execute a script in the project jvm.
cake swank     ;; Report status of swank server and start it if not running.
cake test      ;; Run project tests.
cake jar       ;; Build a jar file containing project source and class files.

Check out the README for more information or join us in #cake.clj or the google group.