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I'm writing a type checker for Clojure code that utilizes a modified version ClojureScript analyzer.

I have made some changes to the analyzer to analyze Clojure code, instead of ClojureScript.

These changes could form the basis of a generalized analyze library to be called a la carte.


Analyzer doesn't understand macro definitions (defmacro's)

  • Solution: `require` namespace before analysis
    • assuming a macro is only defined once
    • compiler should pick up any uses of the macro before definition, so don't need to know where in the namespace macro is defined

Dynamic loading and aliasing

  • ClojureScript has no compiler at runtime, so all dependencies and aliases are known at compile time
  • Clojure has `refer`, `require`, `import`, `alias`
    • Can be called dynamically at runtime
      • Impossible to compute all dependencies at compile
        • Seems like a losing battle
          • Could we analyze clojure.core? Uses dynamic `load`, `require`
          • clojure.main?