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The Clojure/core team is looking to hire a Community Manager Intern. The right candidate is probably a Computer Science undergrad, grad student, or recent graduate local to the Clojure/core team in Durham, N.C. Job would include doing whatever it takes to help move Clojure and the community forward, including:

  • moderating the mailing list
  • moderating the Clojure IRC channel
    • somebody to answer questions about getting ON the IRC channel: some people have struggled with the registration/authentication process
  • administering the various Clojure web apps:,, Assembla, Confluence, Mycroft, etc.
  • planning Clojure events such as the Clojure/conj
  • creating and editing documentation
  • helping migrate projects to newer versions of Clojure
  • developing sample applications, such as solutions for the alioth benchmarks