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If you'd like to help with Clojure tickets, there are always plenty of tickets that need attention. Please review the overall JIRA workflow and become a contributor before you look for ways to help! That way your contribution can be accepted quicker later on in the process.

In several of the items below, it is important to refer to the guidelines described in:


If you are a Contributor but not a Screener, you can help in the following ways:
  1. Review the Needs Patches report - these are vetted tickets for the current release that do not yet have a patch. Add a patch and set the Patch field to Code or Code and Test as appropriate. This ticket can then be screened by a Screener.
  2. Review the Incomplete report - these are vetted tickets for the current release with a patch that has issues. In many cases, the patch author will be working this but if an incomplete ticket has lain dormant for a while, you might be able to update it according to the comments and move it forward.
  3. Review the Open report - these are new tickets. Review them according to the guidelines for tickets and patches and what Screeners look for when triaging in JIRA workflow. Update the ticket or add a patch to improve the quality of this ticket.
  4. Review the Screenable report - if you'd like to practice to become a Screener, check out the advice in Screening Tickets.


If you are a Screener, you should work through the following activities:

  1. Screening
    1. Review the Screenable report: these should be tickets that have been triaged and vetted as good problems and that have a patch. Decide whether ticket and patch are good (Screened) or insufficient (Incomplete).
    2. Review the Incomplete report: these are tickets that have previously been screened and marked as Incomplete. For tickets that have changed recently, check whether the patch author has updated their patch or ticket and re-screening should occur. 
  2. Triaging
    1. Review the Open report: these are new tickets that should be evaluated for Triage.