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We need an interface to type information that:

  • encapsulates Java reflection
  • returns Clojure data not Java' reflection objects 
  • supports ASM in addition to reflection
    • ASM offering type info without loading classes
  • supports ClojureCLR

Users will be compilers and tools, as well as REPL users through an interactive wrapper interface.


Note, this list is primarily RH's notes on Stu's patch.

  • hrm, the predicate language in describe
    • always and/every?
      • single pred would allow arbitrary logic
    • Explore query-by-example, i.e. user provides partial data in same shape as returned
  • reflect-impl bad name for fn
    • prefer things like do-reflect, still a verb
  • typeref->name - typename
  • typeref->sym - typesym
    • typeref->* implies things of type typeref, we don't want to reify protocol like that
    • ditto - typepath
  • are we exposing the descriptor, internal-name confusion by having these helpers public, with no better docs than we complain about?
  • defrecord Constructor/Method/Field
    • make sure distinguishing these by type adds value
    • much pain today in writing generic reflection code due to unequal treatment of members
      • i.e. ctors are glorified static methods
    • I'd prefer a first cut with maps and see where that is inadequate
      • perhaps already done, notes?
  • defrecord JavaReflector/AsmReflector
    • unlike Contrstructor/Method/Field, these are plainly not information but are programming constructs and should be deftypes
  • describe's built in pprint
    • can we not get pprint to print the data structures nicely?
    • giving the user a bunch of printout they can't lift and use as data isn't that great
      • may be more useful to enhance pprint