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Goal for an instant literal:

Provide a relatively easy way to create a human readable time instant.  Also provide a protocol based library of date functions

What this is:

  • A Reader Macro
  • Complies with ISO8601
  • Joda is the gold standard for parsing.  Specifically, the formatter returned by org.joda.time.format.ISODateTimeFormat/dateTime
  • Aware of offset from UTC
  • Provides a Dateable Protocol
  • Provides a CljDate type, which is aware of both the UTC instant and offset from UTC
  • Plays nice w/ Joda, includes docs to extend to Joda.
  • A collection of very common comparators and predicates.
  • A collection of converter functions
  • Equality/Hashcode based on instant
  • Display based on instant+offset

What this is NOT:

  • Time Zone support
  • Multiple Chonology support
  • Clever duration support
  • Directly dependant on Joda

Things to read to facilitate intelligent discussion (TO DO):

  • ISO 8601 Wikipedia
  • Joda Design docs
  • Other languages time libs

Known issues/things to solve

  • Support for only a date or time of day?
  • Allow partial composition in a literal?