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Design Notes

  • capture existing Assembla data with fidelity
  • capture Relevance best practices across a variety of ticketing systems
  • avoid language that presumes defects (or even software)
  • state names represent motion toward goal (usually)
  • states are almost implied by roles
  • don't stay open, or re-open: use references

Basic Workflow

  • Open | Vetted | In Dev | Ready to Screen | Screened | Accepted | Completed (Closed)
  • Patch status not part of workflow
    • field for no patch | patch | patch + test
  • no special "pushed back a step" statuses
    • e.g. no "Returned to Dev"
    • maybe add field for "pushed backwards at any point"
  • ticket types: defect | enhancement | task
  • resolutions: completed | declined | duplicate | incomplete


  • name choices
    • vetted ~ ready for dev, approved for dev
    • accepted ~ OK
  • mechanisms for prodding for action
    • no equivalent to showcase
  • does it all work in JIRA?
    • JIRA out of the box not even close
    • I am reduced to hand-editing XML already. Seems to work, but ouch!