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Suggested names for when libraries are promoted to the new contrib. Note that this does *not* imply that all these libraries will be promoted!

Rich: this list will expand over time. Please initial or otherwise mark the ones you have reviewed and OKed (from a name perspective).

  • enlive =>
      • SH: Needs to be
        Unknown macro: {something}
        . ml? xml? markup?
    • Is enlive XML savvy now? 
      • CG: it's not really an enlive problem.
        • Afaict neither lazy-xml nor the old xml provide a correct way to handle namespaces. That's because of the limitation that I say that Enlive won't work on all XML.
        • It may be sufficient to add the namespace-uri in the kw metadata but it annoys me: it should be the other way round: the ns uri has to be part of the value, not the prefix!
        • We need to figure a more comprehensive schema to represent XML in Clojure
      • could be xml-template
        • but don't want to scare away html users
      • CG: I have been sitting on breaking changes, the switch to the new contrib may be the opportunity to apply them. You ok with that? SH: yes, now is the time
  • parsley =>
      • SH: needs to be
        Unknown macro: {kind-of-parser}
    • what about other parsers?
    • CG: you remember that Parsley isn't done yet, right? (I promised it for Christmas though)
      • SH: not being done is no obstacle to moving. In fact, it's better, as there are likely fewer people to track down about CAs.
  • ring ->
  • clojure.contrib.json =>
    • RH - ok
  • clojure.contrib.lazy-xml =>
    • (new XML features lives in data.xml going forward, not clojure.xml?)
    • RH - ok
  • clojure.contrib.sql =>
    • If there are other approaches to sql, where will they go?
      • SH: make that, then
  • clojure.contrib.logging =>
    • RH - ok