How a Ticket Becomes a Commit

This page describes the overall workflow for how tickets (bugs and enhancement requests) make their way through the JIRA ticketing system and ultimately become part of Clojure, ClojureScript, and ClojureCLR.

The overall process described here has several goals:


There are several groups involved in this process with increasing levels of responsibility:

Ticket fields

There are several important fields on a ticket that jointly determine it's "state" in the workflow below. Some key fields to know about:


The diagram below documents the process used for how tickets make their way through the system. The rounded boxes represent states in the workflow. They have well defined criteria (which sometimes cover multiple fields) such that each of these states can have a report. In general, a single line state indicates the Approval state. If additional fields are in play, they are listed after the state.

The colored blocks represent activities performed by different groups - the colors correspond to the group (Orange = contributors, Blue = screeners, Green = BDFL). Diamonds represent decisions to be made during an activity. Activities are described in more detail below the diagram.



Release scheduling 
Dev patch


Final screening


Backlog Review