WIP: To triage issues that people have with clojure.test with the goal of finding areas where it could potentially be improved.

Constraints: Retain backwards compatibility with existing callers.

Some slack conversations on the topic:


Open Issues

Just for easy lookup, here are allQuestion Mark the open issues: JIRA open issues, labeled clojure.test

Error reporting

Assertion error reporting


Problems making assertions

Usability of fixtures

General Usability

Organizational Issues

Problems people have in structuring tests, test suites etc.  How to map ns's and functions to test ns's and functions? 1-1 mapping, 1-many mapping etc?

Tooling Issues

Using clojure.spec with clojure.test

Is this even a good idea?  If not do clojure.spec property based tests also need a test runner?  Perhaps other projects such as leiningen need to plug a gap here?

clojure.test development speed is tied to clojure.core's releases

Alex Miller mentioned there was a possibility of splitting clojure.test out as an external dependency from clojure.core so it can evolve at its own pace.

Other test libraries

This (incomplete) list is provided purely for information, as possible sources of inspiration for changes that could be made or pain points that people have (that have already turned into a library):