Community members monitoring the mailing lists, performing the tasks listed below.

Approving Messages from New Posters

Messages from new posters go into a moderation queue. When you review this queue (from the Google web UI) you need to:

clojure-dev requires a CA

Lots of people sign for clojure-dev without a CA. Please encourage them to sign the CA, and only add them to the list after that (CA list here). If somebody wants to make a request for the development team without signing the CA, they should do that on the Clojure mailing list.

Approving New Members

Posts from new members go in the moderation queue (see above). This continues for some time until Google magically decides the person no longer needs moderation. This can be frustrating for new members. If you see a person make several sensible posts in a row and they are still being moderated, go ahead and click on their name and set them to "no moderation needed".

Open Questions