Goal: make it easier for people to sign the CA (e.g. via some electronic signature mechanism), without losing any of its protections.

Help Wanted: Please digest the above and make a proposal in this space.

Advertise a new email address at clojure.org/contributing, to which printed, signed, and then scanned CA pages can be emailed, e.g. "signed-contributor-agreements@clojure.org".  Whoever is responsible for examining the mailed-in paper CAs would also examine email sent to that address, optionally printing out paper CAs if desired.  Whether emailed CAs are printed or not, they are then processed the same way that mailed-in paper CAs are now.  I believe the legal protections for Clojure would be as good as they are now for mailed-in paper CAs, and this would not be much effort to set up.