Committing Clojure Patches (Committers)

I find it safest to do committing from a separate local repository. I have a "clojure" git clone that does not have push permissions for dev and screening, and a separate "clojure-for-commit" checkout for committing. This reduces the chance that my muscle memory will produce a "git push" at the wrong time.

Closing Tickets (Committers)

If you are a committer on a lib, you can screen tickets and close them all in one step. Alternately, you can review tickets screened by others, and then either close them or bounce them back (as in the Screening step above).

While you have the ability to just push your stuff into the repo, please use the tickets systems too. It makes a fine todo system, helps organize bigger milestones, lets others hop in and help or provide input, and provides a place to hang discussions about your changes.